The Portraits of a Life Project

“Portraits of a Life" is a project to digitize, archive, restore and share the large collection family photographs that are in my care. Many of the photographs belonged to my great grandmothers. These include the Helen Bukowski photo collection and the Frances Philomena Selker photo collection.

My view is that family photos belong to all of the descendants - history is meant to be shared. To keep family updated on this project I will be providing regular blog updates with the leading title “Portraits of a Life”. Working to digitize the images is one of the most ambitious and complex projects I have undertaken. 

To learn more about the Portraits of a Life project please view the following blog posts:
Michelle M. Murosky: The Murosky Collection &emdash; Helen Tillie Bukowski
My great-grandmother Helen Tillie Bukowski before her wedding in 1917.

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