The Murosky Line

Side of the Family - Paternal 
Nationality - Lithuanian
Origin - Suwałki Governorate  
Arrival to the Unites States - 1892

The Murosky line begins with me. The oldest currently known individual in the Murosky Line is Anthony Murosky Sr. or Antoni Murausks, my 2nd great grandfather, born 25 May 1862.

The Murosky family is originates from the Suwałki Governorate. The Suwałki Governorate was a Governorate of the Russian Empire from 1867 - 1914. After WWI the land would be split between Poland and Lithuania. After WWI the family self identified as Lithuanian. 

To date there are 6 generations that descent from from Anthony Murosky Sr. and his wife Eva Zielinski. 
MB Boutiques: Blog Images &emdash; Ancestors - Paternal - Murosky

To view other Murosky family photographs visit The Murosky Collection.

MB Boutiques: The Murosky Collection &emdash; Anthony Murosky, Sr.
Anthony Murosky, Sr.
 (25 May 1862 - 17 December 1939)

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