The Bukowski Line

Side of the Family - Paternal 
Nationality - Polish
Origin - Poland 
Arrival to the Unites StatesMay 1, 1895 at Ellis Island

The Bukowski line begins with my great-grandmother Helen Tillie Bukowski. The oldest currently known individual in the Bukowski Line is Vincinety Frank Bukowski, my 2nd great grandfather, born in November 1861 in Poland. Historical records indicate the family was from the German side of the Polish partition.

To date there are 6 generations that descend from Vincinety Frank Bukowski and his wife Franciska Kwiatkowski. 

MB Boutiques: Blog Images &emdash; Ancestors - Paternal - Bukowski

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MB Boutiques: The Bukowski Collection &emdash; Vincinety Frank Bukowski - Work Permit Front
Vincinety Frank Bukowski
Work Permit Front

(Nov 1861 - 27 Apr 1937)

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