Sunday, July 28, 2013

Updated Family Tree at World Connect

I have updated my family tree file at the World Connect site.

Updated family tree file - search to see new names and families
My pedigree - See my direct ancestors

World Connect is a part of Rootsweb and offers free space for researchers to upload family trees. To protect living individuals, rootsweb removes the data from any individual who has been marked as living

Updates in this version include:
  1. Updated information on the McDonald families
  2. Updated information on the Haggerty families
  3. Updated information the Lynam families
  4. References to United States Federal Census Records
  5. Data extracted from the St. Mary's Church Cemetery in Crown, Pennsylvania
  6. Last Will & Testament of David McDonald
  7. Information as provided by Benjamin Patrick Norris
  8. Individuals with a ** leading their name require further research

Historical References:
  1. Davis, A. J. (1887). History of Clarion County Pennsylvania. Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co. Available here to download:  
  2. Sheffer, George P. (1933) True Tales of the Clarion River, Volume 1. Clarion, PA: The Clarion Republican Newspaper Co. Available for purchase here:  
  3. (1883) History of Butler County Pennsylvania. Chicago, IL: Waterman, Watkins & Co Available here to download:

Information that has not been entered at this time:
  1. Additional known research about the Easly family
  2. Additional known research on the Lynam family
  3. Additional cemetery records from St. Mary's Church Cemetery in Crown, Pennsylvania