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Anna Gertrude & Vincent Aloysius Selker

A snapshot of Selker siblings Anna Gertrude and Vincent Aloysius, the children of Joseph William Selker and Frances Philomena Guth.

The photograph was likely taken in the late 1920's or early 1930's based on the style of their clothes and Anna's age. Anna Gertrud Selker was the youngest child born to Joseph William Selker and Frances Philomena Guth. She was born August 11, 1907 in Clarion. Vincent Aloysius Selker was seven years older than Anna, born August 8, 1900 in Clarion.

The photograph would have been taken in the backyard of the Selker residence located at 248 Main Street in Clarion, Clarion County, Pennsylvania. The building behind the siblings was the J.W. Selker Cigar Company located on Main Street adjacent to the family home.
MB Boutiques: The Selker Collection &emdash; Anna Gertrude & Vincent Aloysius Selker
Anna Gertrude & Vincent Aloysius Selker
Children of  Joseph William Selker & Frances Philomena Guth
A copy of this photograph is shared with permission. The original is in the care of Leopold George Selker my 2nd cousin 1x. Leopold is a descendant of Leopold George Selker, Sr. the oldest son of Joseph William Selker and Frances Philomena Guth. From the Leopold George Selker Collection. Photographer Unknown. Editing and digital restoration by Michelle M. Murosky.

Joseph William Selker and Frances Philomena Guth are my 2nd great grandparents. Leopold George Selker, Sr. and Vincent Aloysius Selker are my 2nd great uncles. Anna Gertrude Selker is my 2nd great aunt. Leopold, Vincent and Anna are the siblings of Frances Philomena Selker my great grandmother. 

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