Monday, April 10, 2017

1940's - Helen Gertrude McDonald & Ambrose Aloysius McDonald Jr.

A snapshot of Helen Gertrude McDonald with her only brother Ambrose Aloysius McDonald Jr.  They are the children of Ambrose Aloysius McDonald and Gertrude Anna O'Neill.

The photograph may have been taken in 1943 as Ambrose is wearing his United States Marine Corps uniform. After the outbreak of WWII Ambrose enlisted with the United States Marine Corps. When photographed Helen was probably about 27 years old and Ambrose was around 23 years old.  Ambrose deployed in 1943 and was killed in action shortly after his 24th birthday at the Battle of Tarawa. This is likely one of the last photographs taken of Ambrose. To learn more  about Ambrose visit this link.
MB Boutiques: The McDonald Collection &emdash; Helen Gertrude McDonald & Ambrose Aloysius McDonald Jr.
McDonald Siblings
Helen Gertrude McDonald & Ambrose Aloysius McDonald Jr.
This photograph is shared with permission. The original photograph is in the care of Ginny Geary Laskovics my 2nd cousin 2x. Ginny is a niece of Helen and Ambrose. The photograph is originally from the Virginia McDonald Geary Collection. Photographer Unknown. Editing and digital restoration by Michelle M. Murosky

Helen Gertrude McDonald and Ambrose Aloysius McDonald, Jr. are my 1st cousins 3x removed. They are the children of Ambrose Aloysius McDonald, my 2nd great uncle and Gertrude Anna O'Neill, my 2nd great aunt. My relationship with siblings is unique in that we are double 1st cousins 3x removed. We share two sets of common ancestors. Our common McDonald grandparents are Michael McDonald and Anna Haggerty. Our common O'Neill grandparents are Michael O'Neill and Ellen Cunningham. Winifred Agnes O'Neill is my 2nd Great Grandmother  Robert Alphonsus McDonald is my 2nd Great Grandfather.

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