Family Tree Maker Retirement

The content on this page was generated prior to the announcement that MacKiev had purchased Family Tree Maker. I am currently using Family Tree Maker 2014.1. 

On Tuesday, December 8 announced the retirement of Family Tree Maker 2014. Family Tree Maker is a desktop software platform used by many family researchers and genealogists to document their family history.

My Thoughts ~

My initial thoughts are in the blog post Family Tree Maker is being Retired - Now What?

Some examples of how I used Family Tree Maker are available in these Family Tree Maker Screen Shots

At this time I have not made any decisions regarding what desktop software package I will transition to.

Watch Its ~

The following items researchers should check in detail when making the transition from one desktop software package to another.

FTM - Media Transfer

Helpful Links ~

Researchers that are making the transition to other software packages may be interested in these helpful links:

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Ancestry to Retire Family Tree Maker Software
Family Tree Magazine: Announces End of Family Tree Maker Software
Genea-Musings: What Do Family Tree Maker Users Do Now?
Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems: What Ancestry’s Retirement of Family Tree Maker Software Means for You

Replacing Family Tree Maker, Part 1: How to Scrub Your Data

This detailed article discusses how to review data in Family Tree Maker to ensure that all data transfers successfully to another desktop software package.  This is an important read for any researcher looking to transition an existing data file.

Other Desktop Software Options

This discussion on the Ancestry forums includes comments from users who have switched to different software packages and includes some watch it's as well.

Roots Magic Forums - FTM Refugee Hints

This running thread at the Roots Magic Forum has been answering questions for FTM users interested in making the transition to Roots Magic

Legacy User Group

There is a closed group on Facebook for Legacy users that help to answer questions and provide tips for researchers interested in making the transition to Legacy. Search "Legacy User Group" on Facebook to locate the closed group.

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