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The History of Butler County Pennsylvania - R.C. Brown & Co. Publishers

Thomas Haggerty, my 5th great grandfather, and his family are included in the The History of Butler County Pennsylvania by R.C. Brown & Co. Publishers published in 1895. The excerpts featuring the family faced are included below.

Chapter IV: The Pioneers, Page 48

Taxables of 1803 Butler Township:
Thomas Haggerty
300 acres, 1 cow, 2 horses,  $171 Valuation, $52 Tax

Chapter V: Pioneer Reminiscences, Page 71

From the beginning of 1800 to December 2, 1803, the sum of $494.03 was paid out on wolf orders. From April 5, 1825, to May 10, 1831, there were only $412.97 paid out on warrants for wolf scalps. The names of the recipients of this money are given as follows: Philip Ililliard, David Say, John Ekas, John Pollock, Elisha Baker and John Woods, in 1825; Neal Strawick and William Thompson in 1826; David Cypher in 1827; Robert Sloan in 1828; Jacob Ekas and Elisha Milliard in 1829 : George W. Smith, William Thompson and William McQuistion in 1830, and Thomas Hagerty, Jr., in 1831.

Thomas Hagerty, Jr. is the son of Thomas Haggerty.

Chapter XLIL: Donegal Township, Page 506

Most of the pioneers, as the names given indicate, were either natives of Ireland, or the descendants of Irishmen, the majority of them coming from Donegal county, Ireland. They embraced, besides those already named, such well-known families as the Dugans, McCues, O'Donnells, Boyles, McFaddens, Blacks, Haggertys, Stewarts. Malonevs, McClungs, Breadens and Hunters.

Chapter XLIL: Donegal Township, Page 509

The following roll shows the heads of families belonging to St. Patrick's congregation, all residents of Butler county in 1803: Patrick Bovle, Archibald Black, Eleanor Coyle, John Coyle, Matthias Cypher, Mary Ann Cypher, Michael Carvan, Peter Croosiks, James Denny, Hugh Dugan, Michael Dugan, Thomas Dugan, Denis Dugan, Neil Dugan, Andrew Dugan, John Durneigh or Durney, George Dougherty, John Duffv, John Empich, Edward Ferry, John Forquer, John Gillespie, Hugh Gillespie. John Gallagher, Peter Gallagher, Hugh Gallagher, Robert Hanlen, William Hanlen, Sr., Moses Hanlen (buried in the old city cemetery at Butler) , Robert Harkins, William Hanlen. Jr., Charles Hunter, Jacob Harshman, Thomas Hagerty, Xoble Hunter, Patrick Lafferty, John McGinley, Patrick McBride, Charles McCue, Patrick McLaughlin, Neil Murray, Daniel McCue, Hugh McElroy (a friend of Washington). Neil McLafferty. Manus McFadden, John McGee, Dominick O'Cull, Patrick O'Farren, Connell and Dennis O'Donnell, Arthur O'Donnell, Connell Rogers, Charles Sweeney, Jeremiah Callahan, Patrick Fitzsimmons, John O'Hara. David Boyle, Francis Boyle, Edward Burns, James Burns, Charles Duffy (who lived on the Donegal-Clearrield line), Daniel Dougherty, John Green, Philip Hartman (a soldier of the Revolution), Bernard Hagen, Bernard McGee, Hugh McGee, Jr.. Edward Quinn, John Quinn, Joseph Bleakney. William Collins. John Conley, James Hagerty, Patrick McAnally, Daniel McDade, Hugh Murrin, James Murrin, William McLaughlin, and, it is said. John Slator, a soldier of the Revolution.

The great majority of these pioneers resided within the original township of Donegal ; but, as its territory was reduced by the establishment of new townships, so was the number of the resident Catholics in Donegal—the two churches of Butler, the three of Oakland, St. John's of Clearfield, St. Mary's of Summit, the church at Millerstown, that at Petrolia and that at Murrinsville. with other churches in adjoining counties, claiming many of the grand-children of the pioneers.

James Hagerty is the son of Thomas Hagerty.

Chapter LXXIL: Biographical Sketches, Page 961

Mr. Brownfield was married November 20, 1868, to Mrs. Ellen Jane Griffin, a daughter of Thomas and Catherine Haggerty.

Thomas Hagerty, Jr. is the son of Thomas Haggerty.

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