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A snapshot of Frances Philomena Guth

February 18, 2018 Post Correction. The the man and the boy in this post have been identified. The post was updated to include their names. The man is Bernard Martin Browsky son in law of Frances Philomena Guth. The boy is Richard Browsky grandson of Frances Philomena Guth. 

A snapshot of Frances Philomena Guth taken in Clarion, Clarion County, Pennsylvania. The building behind Frances is the backside of family business, the J.W. Selker Cigar Factory, which was located adjacent to the family home at 242 Main Street. The cigar business was started in 1889 by Joseph William Selker. Joseph William Selker and Frances Philomena Guth were married November 3, 1890.

To view photographs of the family home and learn more about J.W. Selker visit the blog post The Selker Family: Hermann George and his son Joseph William, cigarmaker.

The date of the photograph is unknown. In the 1920's dress lines were more square in appearance. The waist in 1920's less highlighted compared to the structured fashions from 1900 through 1919. Frances is also wearing lace up boots. Women's fashion in the 1930's reverted to styles which highlighted the waist and were more structured.

Frances Philomena Guth born 25 February 1863 in Clarion, Clarion County, Pennsylvania. If the photograph was taken between 1920 and 1929 Frances would have been between 57 and 65.
Michelle M. Murosky: The Guth Collection &emdash; Frances Philomena Guth
Frances Philomena Guth
In addition to first hand knowledge the building behind Frances is the J.W. Selker Cigar Factory she was also able to be identified in this photograph by her disincentive facial features. Note the similarities in the face - particularity around the nose between the above photo and the photo below. One additional observation is Frances is not wearing glasses in the above photograph.

The individuals in the bottom photograph has been identified. Frances Philomena Guth was photographed with her grandson Richard Browsky and her son in law Bernard Martin Browsky. Bernard Martin Browsky was married to Mary Selker - daughter of Frances Philomena Guth and Joseph William Selker. The photograph was taken by Mary Elizabeth Meisinger on the back porch of 242 Main Street house in Clarion.

Michelle M. Murosky: The Guth Collection &emdash; Frances Philomena Guth
Richard Browsky,  Frances Philomena Guth & Bernard Martin Browsky
These photographs were included in the Frances Philomena Selker Collection. Frances Philomena Guth appears to have passed the photographs down to her daughter Frances Philomena Selker. Frances' daughter Mary Eugina McDonald ended up with her mother's photo collections which is time were handed down to me. Photographer Mary Elizabeth Meisinger. Editing and digital restoration by Michelle M. Murosky.

Frances Philomena Guth and Joseph William Selker are my 2nd great-grandmother. Bernard Martin Browsky is the husband of my 2nd great Aunt. Richard Browsky is my 1st Cousin 2x removed. Frances Philomena Selker is my great grandmother - she married Loraine Anthony McDonald. Their daughter Mary Eugenia McDonald is my paternal grandmother. 

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