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JW Selker: Visiting Fürstenau

This is the fourth post in the J.W. Selker Series. The series will be focused on Joseph William Selker's return trip to Germany in 1906. This would be Joseph William's first and only trip to Germany after departing 21 years prior.

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During his return trip to Germany Joseph William Selker and his son Frederick William Selker traveled to at least three different cities. They visited Fürstenau, Bentheim and Montabauer. While in Fürstenau they spent time with Gerhardt Selker and Mary Agnes Rakers - J.W.'s brother and sister-in-law. This would be J.W.'s first time meeting Gerhardt's children. J.W. departed Germany shortly after Gerhardt and Mary Agnes were married. The couple's daughter, Philomena Selker, was included in J.W. Selker's return party. Philomena made the decision to leave Germany. She would remain in Clarion for the rest of her life.

J.W. and Frederick may have stopped to view or spend time at J.W.'s  childhood home located in Fürstenau. Sadly J.W.'s father Hermann George Selker, passed away on April 3, 1906 a few months before J.W. and Frederick departed. It is plausible that the Selker family was still in possession of the home in late June of 1906.

It is currently unknown if the Fürstenau house remained in the Selker family or if it was sold after Hermann George Selker's death. 
MB Boutiques: The Selker Collection &emdash; Home of Hermann George Selker & Katherine Elizabeth Hofhaus
The house where J.W. Selker was born in Fürstenau, Germany. 
A photograph of the Selker family home located in Fürstenau was taken by a Selker descendant when a group traveled to Germany.

This photograph is shared with permission. The original version is in the care of Leopold George Selker my 2nd cousin 1x. He is a descendant of Leopold George Selker, Sr. the oldest son of Joseph William Selker and Frances Philomena Guth. From the Leopold George Selker Collection.

Hermann George Selker is my 3rd great grandfather. Gerhardt Selker is my 2nd great uncle. Mary Agnes Rakers ais my 2nd great aunt. Philomena Selker is my 1st cousin 3x. Joseph William Selker is my 2nd great grandfather. Frederick William Selker is my great grand uncle. 

  1. Photograph of the Selker home in Fürstenau.

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