Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank You

Before I go into more specific details of my research, there are numerous individuals I have to thank for helping me on this research journey. Without their valuable contributions, I would not be in the place I currently am with my research. Family Tree research also allows generations to bridge gaps, I consider it a true honor to have met so many wonderful people on my journey, to learn about their stories and experience their lives. Names below are in no particular order.

  • My Grandfather Arthur who has patiently answered numerous questions, provided stories and helped me outline the Murosky and Bukowski family trees to the best of his knowledge.
  • My Father who has taken several road trips with me to Clarion and Vowinckel, Pennsylvania. We visited several sites and cemeteries together on these trips.
  • Edward Zelazny, my first cousin 2x removed, who provided information on the Bukowski family and allowed me to copy his family records and photos.
  • Rita Ann Murosky Niemi, my Great Aunt, who provided additional information on the Bukowski and Murosky Families. She also took me to see the graves of my 2nd Great Grandparents, Vincinety Frank Bukowski and Franciska Kwiatkowski.
  • Tom Murosky, my 3rd cousin, who has provided information on his ancestors.
  • William E. Loll, my 3rd cousin 2x removed, who wrote 4 volumes of Family History on the Loll Family and traveled to France to do research. I was able to purchase all 4 of his volumes and learn more about the Loll Family.
  • Patrick G. O’Neill, my 1st cousin 3x removed, who wrote the O'Neill Descendants of Con & Katherine 1700-2000 with George K. O'Neill, another distant O'Neill cousin, I was able to purchase the book he wrote and learn more about the O'Neill family.
  • Virginia Dorothy McDonald Geary, my 1st cousin 3x removed and also a double cousin, was the oldest living McDonald when I met her last September 2010. She was able to provide first hand accounts of McDonald and O'Neill family members and of visiting Vowinckel, Pennsylvania. She allowed me to copy her family records and photos. I had a lovely visit with Virginia when I flew to Pittsburgh.
  • My McDonald Great Aunts and Great Uncle have been a great source of information about the McDonald family and also about how they grew up.
  • Mary Lynn McDonald Walters, my 1st cousin 2x removed, who was able to provide me with information on the descendants of Cyril Clair McDonald, my Great Grand Uncle.
  • Sr. Janet Staab, my 1st cousin 2x removed, was able to provide me with information on our collective Selker and Guth ancestors. She also allowed me to copy her records and photos.
  • Philip Franz Selker, my 1st cousin 3x removed, was a wonderful treat to meet. I met Philip in college when I was visiting my husband (who I was not yet married to, in Illinois). My husband and I took the train to Chicago to meet Philip, his wife and his daughter. When we got off the train, Philip knew who we were, he said by my "German features". We had a lovely visit, learned about Philip, his WWII military service and about his family.
  • Bernice Clotilda Huefner Wolbert, although not a direct family relation, was able to provide me with information about other family members I was related to. Bernice also provided me the connection for being able to purchase a copy of A Proud People A Proud Heritage, Compiled by the History Committee of St. Joseph Parish, Lucinda, Pa.
  • My Aunts who have provided additional information along the way.
  • Benjamin Patrick Norris, my 3rd cousin 2x removed, has provided a wealth of knowledge on the McDonald, Haggerty and Lynam families.  Benjamin also had extensive knowledge of Vowinckel, Clarion County, Pennsylvania which has been very helpful.
  • Bernard A. Clark, my 7th cousin 2x removed, has done some really fantastic research. Bernard was able to provide details and point me to several helpful references on the Kuhn side of the family which was living in the Pennsylvania before the American Revolution.
  • Cary Christopher, a very experienced genealogist who I connected with in spring of 2014. He researched the McDonald family for a descendant. Cary very kindly shared his very complete and detailed research with me. He also shared family photos and other details he received from other McDonald descendants. 
  • Leo Selker, my 2nd cousin 1x removed, has provided many details on my 2nd great-grandfather Joseph William Selker (our shared grand parent), stories about the family who lived in Clarion. He has also been very kind to share copies of family photos and other family mementos.
  • J. F. Easly, a distant cousin, who wrote a very detailed history on the Easly family. His very detailed and well sourced work includes very specific details and references to many court records. The records document both land, wills and other proceedings. The original author did future generations an amazing service as this research was done before the internet and the search engines that are available today. If you are interested in research - it is highly recommended to read this work.
  • There are other individuals who I have made contact with during my journey who have provided insite, links to sources and suggestions on contacts.

Virginia Dorothy McDonald Geary, my 1st cousin 3x removed and I during my visit to Pittsburgh September 2010

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