Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Loll ~ 1718 - ????

In honor of St. Valentine's Day, I wanted to highlight Valentine Loll, my 6th great-grand uncle who was likely named after St. Valentine.

Valentine Loll was baptized on 06 Apr 1718 in Muntzenheim, Alsace, France according to the Muntzenheim Catholic Church archives. In this era, baptism typically occurred very close to birth. Valentine was the son of Joanne Loll and Catherine Unternaire, my 7th great grand parents.

Valentine married Ursula Holinger on 04 Oct 1740 in Muntzenheim, Alsace, France according to the Muntzenheim Catholic Church archives. He would have been around 22 at the time of his marriage. He and Ursula had two sons.

Valentine was born at a time of war in France and lived through war in Europe so it is not surprising his occupation was listed as a mercenary. Louis XIV had died three years before Valentine was born, Louis XV had just started his reign. By 1718 when Valentine was born France was joined the War of the Quadruple Alliance against Spain. In 1733 there was again war in Europe, The War of the Polish Succession, followed by an additional conflict in 1740, War of the Austrian Succession.

If Valentine was still living, he would have been around 57 when Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette were crowned King and Queen of France on 11 June 1775.

Joanne Loll and Catherine Unternaire are my 7th great grandparents. Valentine Loll is my 6th great uncle. 

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